Global Network of Scientists and Engineers

We offer a robust network of independent scientists and engineers within government programs, universities, and private industry.

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Leading Provider of Technology Transfer

Providing clients worldwide with technological solutions in the basic sciences and applied research and development.

Worldwide Provider of Technology Transfer

Innovation Services' commitment to excellence is focused on client agendas dedicated to improving human health, protecting the environment and supporting programs of national interest. We provide our clients with access to knowledge in the basic sciences and applied research and development, through a global networking of emerging technologies within government programs, universities and private industry.

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Material Selection Model

Project material selection criteria into your design configuration and assembly methodology to ensure that your advanced system operating performance specifications are achieved and maintained.

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Formulation Development

Establish a formulation development program for your application, define procurement sources for your formulation and develop quality control and quality assurance specifications.

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Quality Management Plan

Perform root cause analysis to define corrective actions and manufacturing processes and develop a total quality management plan tailored to your engineering program.

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24/7 Client Support Network

If you are a client, our “24/7 Client Support Network” ensures that, regardless of your work schedule or time zone, you will have uninterrupted access to technical support for your project or program. This services is provided free of charge to our clients, and a direct telephone number is assigned for your exclusive use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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